Growing with God through Prayer

Today’s post is quite possibly my favorite thing to write about. I want to mention the importance of prayer and praise. Continue reading


Growing with God through Fellowship

Hello and welcome to my first series on this blog! As I wrote out ideas and topics to write about, I realized many of the things I wanted to share went hand in hand. These upcoming posts are on topics near and dear to my heart. As I thought about what to include in this series I realized I wanted to include the things that I personally have found to help me grow in my relationship with God. Continue reading

How to find true love

I’ve seen it time and time again. Girl meets boy, boy picks out her insecurities in order to “fix” them, girl thinks he’s her one true love, boy manipulates girl, girl makes a huge mistake and regrets it for who knows how long. Why is this? You’d think us girls and guys would understand when we found the right person, right? Wrong. Continue reading

New Year, Same God


Hello and welcome to 2016. At this point you’ll probably see plenty of posts entitled “New Year, New Me.” Which I suppose if you follow through with your goal to lose 60 pounds then more power to you. However, the majority of resolutions made will not be fulfilled come 2017. This is natural for our imperfect selves. Relying on your own will and motivation will ultimately lead to your own downfall. But don’t fear for there is a God who will never lead you astray. This year, my resolution is to keep God first and trust that everything else will fall into place. Continue reading

Living the “Good Life” Now or Forever?

These days the worldly view has become the norm for us. Everywhere we see billboards and advertisements talking about the new way to “get rich fast.” We constantly are influenced to forgo the needs of others and focus on our personal benefit. Often times I see posts on social media about “being there for myself” or “trusting no one” at the risk of getting hurt. But the issue in laying your trust in fame, fortune, or friends is that we are all imperfect. The Bible says we are sinners in need of a savior and God sent his son to set us free (John 3:16). What a matchless gift! God isn’t trying to condemn you for your life on earth, He wants you to choose his everlasting gift. I watched a video of Francis Chan discussing eternity vs this short life on earth. He uses a white rope to depict eternity with one roughly two inch segment painted red to resemble life on earth. His point is so many people worry only about the two inches on earth and forget they have an infinite number of “feet” in eternity. While the appeal of good life right now may be present and tempting, I encourage you to think about eternity. Although it may be a scary thought, I have found peace in the everlasting arms of my Lord and Savior.

Francis Chan Rope Illustration