New Year, Same God


Hello and welcome to 2016. At this point you’ll probably see plenty of posts entitled “New Year, New Me.” Which I suppose if you follow through with your goal to lose 60 pounds then more power to you. However, the majority of resolutions made will not be fulfilled come 2017. This is natural for our imperfect selves. Relying on your own will and motivation will ultimately lead to your own downfall. But don’t fear for there is a God who will never lead you astray. This year, my resolution is to keep God first and trust that everything else will fall into place.

To keep my singular goal in place, I’ve taken some precautions of sorts. To start my morning, I read my Beth Moore devotional. This devotional (as well as Jesus Calling) are great devotionals for beginners. They consist of short excerpts, about a page or two long, with a great message to start your day with Jesus. At night I read a chapter of the Bible and take notes. Here’s a link to the reading plan I use.

Every Saturday I write down some of my praises for the week. These can be prayer requests fulfilled or just everyday things you are thankful for. On Sundays I write my prayer requests for the week in categories: short-term, long-term, and others (things and people other than myself). I then review and pray for these requests every night before bed.

Although you don’t need to follow exactly what I do, I’ve found these things to draw me closer to God. I also recommend visiting a Christian book store and buying some books that interest you. Here is one I’ve been reading. There’s also a women’s version.

Hope you enjoyed my tips. Happy New Year!


My Bible                                                                                                                                My Praise Journal                                                                                                                (Dog not included)


5 thoughts on “New Year, Same God

  1. Drew Chevrolet says:

    Wowee! This is my new favorite website. I hope that many other strangers see this comment and feel the feel I feel, bookmark, and comment too.


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