Growing with God through Bible Study

Welcome to the second post in my series. Today I’d like to bring up something I can personally vouch for. This something is the importance of reading and studying your Bible.

Even as a young girl, I had a devotional. I was taking in Biblical concepts daily. However, I was not studying God’s word. Now I’m not trying to tell you that reading a devotional daily isn’t going to impact you spiritually, I just know that God’s word is powerful. And reading straight from the Bible will impact you.

Last year starting 2015, I decided I wanted to read through my Bible a chapter a day. To some of you this may not seem like much, but this was coming from doing the Jesus Calling devotional, one verse a day. I wanted to really get into God’s word. And I sit here now telling you that God will reveal miraculous things through his word.

As I read through, I pray God will show me what he wants me to grasp onto. I find that even chapters I’ve read continuously, he still let’s me see it in a new light! As you read scripture more and more, God will pull you closer and closer to him.

God will never leave you (Deuteronomy 31:8), but it is not hard for us to pull away from Him. Many things in our life try to lead us away from God’s will for us, but I am here to say that the more you do to be like God, the less temptation you will face.

Now I’ve heard EVERY excuse for why you can’t read your Bible. So, don’t give me excuses, because if you think that you excuse is a good enough reason to push God to the side, it must be a really good excuse.

But, if you do want to start reading your Bible more, here are a few of my tips:

  1. Don’t read your Bible at a time when you’re exhausted. Whether this is right before you go to bed or right when you wake up, don’t choose a time when you’ll fall asleep reading.
  2. However, do start your day with God. For me this means reading a quick page of my Beth Moore devotional when I get up and save my chapter a day for later after dinner.
  3. Do your Bible Study at the same time everyday. This goes for anything, if you want it to be habitual, keep a schedule.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you miss a day don’t think you’re a disgrace to God. He just cares that you care. Stick to it!
  5. Do take notes! You’ll be happy you did when you or someone you know is going through something hard.
  6. When in doubt, pray it out. God will lead you where he wants you to go, whether personally or scripturally.

For more tips, I have a post about starting the new year with God here.

Good Luck, I will be praying for all in your spiritual walks!

Psalm 119:105 -Allie

My Reading Plan

Beth Moore Devotional



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