Growing with God through Prayer

Today’s post is quite possibly my favorite thing to write about. I want to mention the importance of prayer and praise.

When thinking about the order of this series, I decided to go in the same order that I did as I chose to grow closer to God in the past few years. To start I made a conscious effort to pay attention and enjoy going to church. I started to listen and take notes when the pastor spoke. What followed was a better study through God’s word then I started writing down and keeping track of my prayer requests.

Why? I kinda thought the same thing for a while. I pray before bed, I go to church, I read my Bible. Why do I need to?

The thing is, you don’t. You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to go to church, you don’t even have to read your Bible. But, if you truly believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, why wouldn’t you want to grow closer to Him?! Prayer is literally talking to God. I’m not saying prayer is the only way to grow in him, I am saying that it is powerful.

The Bible has many examples of how prayer can guide you through tough circumstances.  One example of this is how Paul used prayer and meditation with God in Acts 28:8-10 to heal people! God does not change his will for us. He does, however, reward those you humbly seek him.

But what if I don’t have time? This is the same excuse I hear all too often. Make time. Personally, I strive for 20-30 minutes of constant prayer once a week. However, if you try and fail at that, try praying for 5 minutes every morning or night.

I keep my prayer requests written in a small notebook. I organize them by praises, short-term, long-term, and others (other people, places and things). I sit down every Sunday and think about the things I have coming up in the next week, month, or year and so on. By doing this I am remembering to keep God in control.

It may seem like God isn’t listening at first, but I promise there is a God that has a plan. One personal prayer request that I have struggled with for a while is stage fright. I have mild stage fright, as any performer does really. I just get nervous and my voice gets shaky when the time comes that I’m onstage. And I hate it. I absolutely adore performing, but it was my dumb nerves that stopped me from landing auditions and doing well onstage. So that’s been in my prayers for a while, I’ve asked for God to help and from time to time I would feel as if he wasn’t listening and it wasn’t until recently that I realized he was using my nerves to keep me going. I knew that the more I performed the less nerves I had. God used my nerves to push me to be greater! And I can honestly say that God answers prayers. A few weeks ago I sang the national anthem for a high school basketball game, and it wasn’t important whatsoever, but it was my best performance yet. And that was all thanks to God.

You may be the greatest Christian ever but God will still reveal things to you through prayer that you couldn’t even imagine. Think of how amazing it is that the same God that rose Jesus from the grave wants to speak to us personally.


Link to another post on how to begin a prayer journal.


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