Understanding the Old Testament (Part 1)

Recently I have been reading through the Old Testament. And, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the OT is confusing. One thing I’ve come to terms with is that God is more magnificent than I can ever comprehend. The Old Testament is one ever-present example of this. So, due to my human lack of understanding and the fact that I am still learning myself, I am titling this as Part 1.

I always write down little ideas I could use for a blog post and I’ve had this one written for weeks. I continued to put it off because I didn’t want to “get it wrong” per say. 

However, I have noticed that God has been leading me to write about this and I know that he will speak through me if I place my trust in him rather than myself. So without much more ado, here goes nothing.

Many people are “afraid” of the Old Testament and others feel that it’s just a big rule book. And to a point, they aren’t wrong, much of the Old Testament is rules for God’s people. But there is much more behind those rules.

One thing I personally have come to find about the Old Testament, Leviticus and Numbers specifically, is that God makes rules for a reason. He historically gives “rules” to his chosen people. One example of this was made clear to me after I had finished Leviticus and had just started Numbers.

Here‘s a brief synopsis of Leviticus for any who have not read it. After reading rule after rule for 27 days, I felt like it was excessive. It wasn’t until Numbers 2 that I realized that God only makes strict guidelines for people when they are necessary! The Levites were God’s chosen people. He specifically wanted for them to be in charge of the Tabernacle!! What better picture is there to trust that God puts us through circumstances for a reason. I love the way Bible Hub says that “it was written to draw the Israelites to the understanding of the infinite holiness of God, and that He desires them to act in a holy manner toward Himself.”  God desires for us to grow in Him. In the same way the Levites were to follow rules to stay in a close fellowship with God, we can grow in him through prayer, biblical study, and much more!

The Old Testament may seem daunting at first but if you trust that God will reveal himself to you, he will beyond your imagination!!

Romans 4:20 -Allie

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A good introduction to reading Leviticus.


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