Sacred Intent

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to be involved in the Lift tour. The Lift tour is a 3 day weekend designed to grow and create disciples across the country. This tour is conducted through a company very close to my heart, Student Leadership University. For more on the Lift tour and what SLU offers visit their website

Although this is the first year my church has partnered with the Lift tour, we have been doing Disciple Now for many years. This year the theme was focused around Sacred Intent. “C.S. Lewis described the moments of life as the title page for eternity. Or rather, life is just the introduction chapter to the greater story that will never end. The question we must seek to answer is how to make all the moments of life matter with a sacred sense of intentionality…yes, with a sacred intent.”

We had five sessions across 3 days and I’d like to share some my favorite points on the concept of Sacred Intent.

Session 1– Ed Newton

Sacred intent begins with costly grace. (Colossians 3:1-11) That is, you cannot live completely devoted to Christ without constantly adjusting your life according to God’s will. (Romans 12:2) To summarize what Ed said, you must humble yourself before God, try to please him through all you do, and remember your life is not your own.

Session 2-Ed Newton

You must wear the wardrobe of grace. (Colossians 3:12-14) In order to have a sense of sacred intentionality, you must remember who you are in Christ, A sinner FORGIVEN by the magnificent grace of God. When you keep this in mind, it seems to be much easier to love others, forgive others, and remember that we are beautiful in Christ.

Session 3-Brent Crowe

Following Session 2’s idea of wearing the grace of God, Session 3 is about Becoming who you are beholding. (Colossians 3:15-17) This means you must put to death your old habits because when you are made new through Christ, your old life is gone. You are washed clean and made pure in him. Let the peace, word, and name of Jesus rule over your life. God will provide, this is a picture of his presence in our lives.

Session 4-Brent Crowe

Sacred Intent results in a steadfast belief. (Colossians 2:6-7) This means that the closer fellowship you have with God, the better your relationship will be. Its the same with all friendships. When you have a friend in Jesus you can grow with him. You need to get rid of your old “roots” (habits) and let God build a foundation in him. (Matthew 7:24) When this occurs you can walk alongside Christ.

Session 5-Brent Crowe

(John 20) In order to win with God, you must remembers a few things.These being who God is, what he wants from us, and why. The who is many things, our Firm Foundation, Deliverer, Protector, Rock, Fortress, and Almighty Father to name a few. The what is the mission he has for us: to share the Gospel. He sends us in order to advance the name of Jesus. (John 20:21) He wants to use us! Even if no one is with you, the mission always matters.

A life full of Sacred Intent is an amazing life, an abundant life that he wants us to have.


Source: The Lift Tour Participation Guide (Ed Newton and Brent Crowe)



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