When God says No.

This past week or so I’ve been sick, and do I mean it. I’m talking about lay on the couch and don’t move sick. And that means a lot of No’s for me. No blogging, no school, no singing, no exercising, no eating, nothing. Needless to say, this left me in a bit of a funk.

After missing my share of school and a concert I had waited forever for, I wondered why God would do this to me. Why did he think making me sit at home, missing all the things I need to do just so I can be sick? Well my own sulking led me to some realizations about God’s timing.

1. God knows when we need to slow down.

If this last week has been anything for me it’s been a break. Through all the stress and speed of school currently, I was freaking. Through getting sick, I was forced to calm down and trust that he will provide. (And boy did he)

2. God is in control of everything.

This week has reminded me that God’s timing is awesome. He answers prayers (even ones we think are pointless). Even if we think we absolutely need to be in charge, he’s got this. One cool example of how Jesus prioritizes us in Zacchaeus. He thought he was worthless but Jesus reminded him how important he was in the eyes of God’s son.

God has a way of teaching us the lessons we wants us to really get. And although I am happy to be sick-free, I am glad that God would have my back even when we are helpless.

Praying for good health and even better lessons for you this flu season.


3 John 1:2


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