Music and Worship

Earlier in the year I did a post on praise. This post has a similar message. Today I want to talk about the power of Worship music.

Christian Music is one of my favorite things because it can change your mood for the better super quickly. I cannot begin to list how many times I’ve been in a sour mood until I flip on Spotify and hear praise unto my Savior’s name. Music can completely change a mood and Worship music makes a world of a difference.

When I was younger I didn’t love to read my Bible. I would periodically but I always had a joy for music. I would listen to all kinds of music, this was influenced my my parents’ love for music as well.

A few years ago I felt God leading me to do the K-Love 30 day challenge. K-Love is an awesome Christian radio station and the challenge was 30 days of listening to only Christian music. The results were beyond my imagination. I was happier, more thankful, and overall I had a better outlook on the circumstances I was faced with. I encourage you to do the same and only listen to Christian music for a while, see how it impacts you.

Some artists I adore currently are Kari Jobe, Bethel Music, Hillsong, Passion, Jesus Culture, Lecrae, Rend Collective, Kristine Dimarco, and Lauren Daigle. I love their fresh approach to modern worship. It gives a new life into old words.

Worship is just thanking our blessed redeemer for all he has done for us. This can be through song, dance, scripture, and so much more. The premise is simply praise. I hope you choose to listen to Christian music more often, I can assure you it will make a difference.



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