Thank You for Boundaries

Have your parents ever lectured you about being cautious about what you watch and listen to? All my life with have heard this constantly and brushed it off as the responsible (insert age here) year old I was. But as I am growing older and maturing I am ever thankful for the boundaries I was given.


Want to know something I love? Musicals. Specifically, and most currently, Hamilton. In fact I am listening to it as we speak. And you know who else loves Hamilton? Everyone on Planet Earth.
Everywhere I go I hear the words to the infamous music being sung. And many times I don’t know the specific song they are singing, this tends to happen to me with many musicals.

And that’s okay. It’s okay because I have good reason for not knowing every line to “My Shot.” That reason being, I don’t listen to secular music as often as my fellow peers may. And this is certainly not because I don’t love the musical, but rather because it’s not the most Christ-like example in my life.

And I know what you may think: “is she lecturing me saying that I’m a bad Christian for listening to Broadway?” The short answer is no. I am trying to encourage you to make a point to monitor what you listen to. After all, your goal is a closer relationship with Christ right?  The long answer is, however, that music and TV shows and movies impact us. Whether we realize it or not, the songs we hear and the things we see leave an impact on us.

I know that from experience, when you listen to encouraging music rather than the popular songs of “love.” Your outlook may change.

A few posts ago I talked about Worship and I mentioned K-Love (a Christian radio station near me). They were hosting a challenge to listen to only Christian music, and let em tell you, I didn’t want to. I really didn’t. But I knew God wanted me to.

So for the duration of the challenge, I only listened to Christian music. In the car, in my room, everywhere I focused on filling my ears with songs of praise. Let me tell you, it affected me.

After that month I continued to listen to primarily Christian music, I began to notice how my attitude and outlook changed. I was happier and less self centered. My eyes were fixed on a greater understanding because my mind was absorbing worship.

Even today as I write this I continue to monitor what I watch or hear. I know that this world is not my own and the Devil will try to tempt me. I encourage to hold firm in Christ.

1 Peter 5:8-9 -Allison


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