Child-Like Faith

So a couple weeks ago was Vacation Bible School at my church. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s where you let anywhere from 4-4,000 little children into your church to teach them about Jesus. In my case, it’s closer to 4,000 kids aged 1-11. (Yes. I do mean 4,000.) So yeah, it can get a bit hectic, but that’s beside the point.

We happened to have kindergartners for our class. And 6 year olds generally can’t fully comprehend Bible stories like Nicodemus. So instead, they hear about Jesus answering questions and are asked to memorize simplified verses from a children’s Bible.

Now part of me thought how tedious this was and why can’t I teach the John 3:16 I learned, but as I went throughout the week I happened to learn a lot about over-complicating my faith.

Many times I get very caught up in myself, whether that be my own “maturity” or my “knowledge” on all things biblical of course.

And yet, I still find myself needing to simplify my study from time to time. And I’m here to say there’s nothing wrong with that.

As a young adult, I’m constantly being challenged to do better than I already am. In school, my teachers intentionally give me things I’m not prepared for. And tehy use these things as teaching tools, because the thing is: I shouldn’t know everything and I should be in a constant state of learning.

But I think as a Christian I sometimes forget that. I think, often times, I want to be some biblical scholar who doesn’t need to be taught. I have reached the point where its no longer “I’m in charge, you’re not” but rather closer to an intelligent discussion with my instructors. This philosophy can also be my own downfall. By thinking this, I can forget the roots of my faith.

Sometimes, we need to be spoken to as children would be. But this is okay, simplicity is a necessity in order to not become overwhelmed. We (myself included) need to focus less on our own “dignity” and remember that we have a lot to learn. We sometimes need to get back to a thought process of a Child-Like faith.

One of my favorite songs is Simple Pursuit by passion. I think what draws me to this song is the idea that even in life’s woes we have a hope. Despite all the complications I face, I can always come back to an unwavering Father. If you haven’t heard the song I highly recommend it, especially when life seems all too overwhelming.

As you face the challenges life throws, remember the simple pursuit that you can always return to. Don’t be afraid to come back to God with the spirit of a Child, eager to learn and gain the wisdom you may lack.


Simple Pursuit


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