Open Arms

Life is hard. We can all agree on that. But there is good news-great news, God is always there. No matter what curve ball life may throw, He is there with his arms spread wide.

One of my favorite Christian songs at the moment is “Prodigal” by Sidewalk Prophets. The song resembles the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible. If you’ve never heard it before, Luke 15 tells the story of a wise father with two sons. One of the sons essentially begs for his share of his father’s estate before the proper time, he then proceeds to blow it all on “wild living” as Jesus puts it. Sounds to me a lot like our culture today.

The cool part of the story comes when the son realizes his sin. He loses all of his money and is willing to work even as his father’s servant just to get by. An incredible parallel to the grace of our eternal Father comes in verses 22-24. The father turns to his humble son and gathers robes and a feast for him. Despite all of his wrongdoing, the father is willing to forget it because his son had sought forgiveness.

This parable is a great picture of the grace God offers, even in the hardest trials of your life, you can come on your knees before the everlasting Father, and he will wipe your slate clean in its entirety. Our God is continuously merciful unto us.

As the song says “Wherever you are, whatever you did…Your Father will meet you with arms open wide…come running like a Prodigal.”

Luke 15:32 -Allie


2 thoughts on “Open Arms

  1. David Tucker says:

    Good post about a well-known parable. There is more to the parable, though. How about the reaction of the big brother when the prodigal returns and the father’s reaction to him. There’s a lot to get out of that part of the story, too.


    • goodlifewithgod says:

      I actually debated including the reaction from the second brother but decided that it didn’t fit with the overall theme of the post. I, instead, decided to create an entirely different post in the future with a message on humility revolving around the second son. -Allie


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