Social Break

Okay story time…

It was a bright and clear Saturday afternoon in July, my family and I were heading to Arkansas for a vacation full of adventure. We pulled up to a Loves gas station and i walked inside and made a beeline for the bathroom (naturally). As I walked into a stall i casually placed my phone under my arm so as to not drop it in the toilet (been there, done that…twice). When suddenly, the phone slipped through the grasp of my underarm. I watched it fall and break on the ground. When I picked it up, I glanced and figured it had only broken the tempered glass over top of the real screen. But, upon further inspection, I realized the truth. Not only did the screen shatter, but the touch screen was impaired. Alas, only the bottom left hand corner of the screen worked. I was left detached from the social world I belonged to.

But afterwards, once I had accepted my fate, I saw the blessing in this.

But before I can get to that, you’ll need a little backstory.

You see, I’m the queen of snapchat in my friend group. When anyone wants a streak they come to me and I deliver (that was a pun and I hope you picked up on it). day after day I was keeping up 8 streaks at a time.

But recently I was making snapchat, and sometimes other social networks, into an idol. I would wake up more worried about sending a picture to someone to increase a number than I was about reading my Bible. And I had begun to realize this over the summer retreat my church does. However, my own self decided that i was better than what God wanted and that I could handle keeping up streaks, I wouldn’t let it consume me.

I can picture God laughing at me now.

Long time readers can probably remember when I wrote When God says No., well this was another one of those moments.

I was being my stubborn self and keeping up my idea of self sufficiency so I needed a wake-up call. And boy did I get it.

After breaking my phone I lost a multitude of my streaks, and lets just say I was all too worried about maintaining them. After my friend “failed” (in my mind at the time) to keep up my streaks, I was actually upset for a moment. But then I realized how absurd I was being. I was talking about losing the little emoji “rewarding” me for sending a picture a day.

I kid you not, the minute I realized how pointless these little numbers were, the more free I felt. Now I wake up and I don’t feel pressured to do something that gives me so little gratification. Instead I reach for my Bible and gain wisdom useful for my day.

I leave you with this: social media is an excellent way to interact with old friends and new friends;¬†but, don’t let it become more worthy to you than quiet time with God. And if you do make an idol of it, don’t fight God when he tells you to take a break.

Trust me, he knows better than you do.



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