Busy Bee

Hey guys, as most of you know I am a major organizer. In the midst of this I like to have things on my schedule and have my whole day planned out.

Unfortunately, this also means I tend to double, triple, or even quadruple book myself when it comes to getting things done. Often times this results in a lot a lot of stress. And let me be the first to say, I’m pretty skilled in the art of stressing myself out.

I am the master when it comes to stress. I am a major perfectionist and if something is not to the point where I am content, I will stress over it until it is. This is my ultimate downfall. In the midst of anxiety I tend to push God to the back burner. I think ‘he will be there when I’ve got the time to come back.’ I hate when I use this excuse.

HE’S MY SAVIOR!! And yet I can’t give him 10 minute so my day to pray to Him. This realization comes to me all too often.

I was given a very good analogy a few years back: picture Jesus as a friend sitting in your house (because He IS literally dwelling within you if you have accepted Him into your heart). You wouldn’t leave a friend sitting in a chair in your house while you walk out the door. Would you?

Using this analogy has convicted me many times. I am perfectly imperfect on my own, but my joy comes when I am able to humble myself before Jesus and come back in prayer.

Despite ALL of the stress in my life, I can rest in the faithfulness of my eternal Savior. He is in control and His plan is far greater than my own understanding.

So, next time you feel incredibly stressed or in a hurry or anxious or all of the above, take 30 seconds to calm down and ask the Lord for his help and guidance. I promise you He is ready and willing to help carry the burden on your shoulders.

Jeremiah 29:11 – Allie


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