So it is officially September and, by every stroke of my imagination, that  means it is Autumn.

I do not care what the calendar may say, it is fall. The wind is blowing, trees are turning, and pumpkin spiced lattes are here. As far as i am concerned, once the pumpkin candles are available for purchase, I am in the midst of my favorite season.

I love autumn. I love the colors, the weather, even the name itself.

The cool fall days bring me so much peace, but also some bittersweet thoughts.

I grew up and lived in Canton, Michigan for 12 years of my life. Now, living in Tennessee, the autumn weather brings back bittersweet memories of apple orchards and cold weather up North.

I find myself reminiscing on everything I loved about my home state-my friends, family, and favorite weather all the time- and I start to think, what would my life be like if I still lived there? This leads to a smile on my face every time.

Staying in Michigan would’ve meant I wouldn’t have met the incredible group of friends I have here. I wouldn’t have the same academic opportunities, fine arts activities, and especially not my amazing church here.

Thoughts like this remind me of how spectacular God’s plan for us is, He knew everything that would occur to me and everything I would encounter along the way.

A story that comes to mind in relation to this is the story of Joseph, he was hated by his brothers for his entire life. Sold into slavery and abandoned, it would’ve been very easy for him to blame God. We would’ve understood, he lost everything, he had a right to be upset.

Yet, despite all that came his way, every trial, every temptation, he still trusted in the plan god had for him, he was still faithful.

As we face bittersweet memories and even the hard trials, remember Joseph and don’t forget that God will always have a plan for you and your life, you are not alone. He has plans you cannot even fathom.

Psalm 18:1 -Allie


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