God is Good.

Okay let me rant for like two seconds.

Life is so hard. Everyday I wake up at 5:30 generally running on less than 7 hours of sleep. I go to school for 7 hours and come home to do more work. I generally have 2-5 tests and quizzes a week and most of them fall on the same days. I read my Bible daily and am expected to practice music. My better half lives hours away and my friends are just as busy as I.

Okay, little rant over. Now here’s the good part.

Life is hard but God is good.

This morning in church the choir sang a super fun song. The song, a Natalie Grant song, was called “In the End” and had an upbeat folk tempo. But, it was the lyrics that truly encouraged me in the midst of my stressful life.

Can’t catch a break
You’ve had your fill of old cliches
Like ‘life is hard, but God is good’.
But even though it’s true
It won’t stop what you’re goin’ through
I wish that I could say it would.
That he’s outside of what you feel
It might not make sense
But one day it will.

There’s comin’ a day the sun will always shine
He’s gonna wipe away every tear from your eyes.
Hold on, my brother
Things are gonna get better
You’re gonna smile again
‘Cause we win in the end

These lyrics really got to me, “life is hard but God is good” If there was an Olympic sport for complaining, believe me, I would win.

Many many times I find myself bickering on and on about my excessive homework or my lack of sleep or any other minor inconvenience in my life.

The reality is, I am the cause of this stress. God will never give you something you cannot handle. He is in control of everything and there is brighter things ahead. Anything tough or challenging is simply Him preparing you for something bigger. Something beyond your imagination.

Remember that in the midst of every chaotic thing we face, God is a light in the dark walking beside us. He is leading us to the bright light of Heaven.  On any path of life, he is leading us.

Mark 10:18 -Allie


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