My Testimony

(I figured it was about time I shared my story of Salvation)

So I was raised in a Christian home with a great family. We always went to church. I grew up hearing all the Bible stories, all the good things about God and Jesus.

When I was about 6 years old, my mom talked to me about who Jesus was. She told me all these great things about God and Jesus and Heaven and I really wanted all these good things she told me about. I thought, “wow Heaven sounds great! Jesus sounds like a really awesome person.” And to my 6 year old mind, I understood that to go to Heaven I have to pray a prayer. So, when I was 6, I prayed the ‘prayer of Salvation.’

Keep going in my story, I kept going to church and I kept hearing these Bible stories and I thought they were great! I really thought that it was awesome how Jesus died on the cross for us and that he did all of these cool things for people.

The thing is, I didn’t quite get it. Any chance I got, I wanted to make sure I was saved. I wanted to make sure, just in case I wasn’t saved the last time, that I would be this time. So every invitation I came in contact with, I prayed something like this “Dear Jesus, you seem like a great person and I’m glad you died for me, but just in case last time didn’t work, could you make sure that this time I get saved?” The issue was, my ‘prayer of salvation’ always ended in a question mark, there was never certainty.

Fast forward a few years, I was maybe 9 or 10 and I was watching the movie Astro Boy with my family. It was the beginning of the movie and the dad finds out his son has died. This broke me, I started to think and think and worry about whether or not that little boy was going to Heaven and whether or not I was going to Heaven. I was terrified that I hadn’t done enough.I was scared that my prayers weren’t enough.

I ended up running to the bathroom to cry. My mom heard my crying and asked what was wrong. I explained everything to her and she reminded me of the truth in Salvation. She reminded me that, it’s not about me or anything I can do but it’s about Christ and what he has done. That day, I did not pray the ‘prayer of salvation.’ That day I did not pray a prayer “just in case” it didn’t work the last time. That day, I surrendered my heart and my life to Jesus Christ. That day I knew it was not about anything I had done or said but it was about Jesus Christ who lived a blameless life but died so that I may be saved. It was about Him, it was about His sacrifice so I may go to Heaven and live eternally.

After I surrendered my heart to Christ that day, there was not a doubt in my mind of my Salvation. I knew I was going to Heaven. I was certain.
Please, today if you’re not certain of your Salvation. Today if there is any doubt in your mind. Today, if you have prayed the prayer before but you have never surrendered your heart to Jesus Christ. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Please do not go to bed tonight uncertain of your Salvation. Jesus Christ has already forgiven you of any sin you have done in your life. Please accept this gift he offers and surrender your life to Christ. I promise it is the greatest decision you will ever make.

John 3:16 -Allie


3 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. Bonsai says:

    Great testimony! “Just in case” is not really belief is it? It is deal-making, buying a lottery ticket, or putting batteries in your flashlight in case there is an outage or something of the sort. There will be an outage though, a big one, and if you are good with Jesus you won’t need anything else.


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