To the girl who isn’t good enough…

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I came across a post from on one the accounts I love. ( Check it out here )

The picture read of an imaginary conversation between a girl and God. the girl is scared but she hears Him say “don’t be afraid, I’ve got you” The picture, when taken out of context could easily be considered a conversation between a girlfriend and boyfriend.

What I read next broke my heart. In the comments was the words of a young girl “He can’t anymore he left me”

I was floored. I instantly felt the need to reach out to this girl. I messaged her and was blessed with a conversation with a very sweet girl.

Because of this, I was reminded of a very unfortunate thought: There are so many girls who feel as if they aren’t enough. There are so many girls who feel that they can’t live up to expectations or desires that other people have placed on them. I knew I needed to create something for every girl who has ever felt they weren’t enough.

This is for you girls.

Hey there sweet girl. I know it’s been hard.

I know you’ve stayed up many many late nights giving everything you have to someone who won’t reciprocate. I know you’ve sat in bed lying awake wondering why you weren’t enough.

I understand that you try and try and it feels like there’s no reward for your work.

I’m here to say that your work is not in vain and you are enough. 

I have struggled with my own self identity and confusion when I face failure after failure.  I know what it’s like to try and try for no foreseeable reward. There’s good news though. 

God is in control.

He sees your hard work and he is preparing something greater than you can imagine. 

I have wrestled with many many late nights concerned about the future.

I have cried out of fear of what is to come. Find rest in the promise of tomorrow.

And pray. If you’re lost or confused, ask God for some guidance.

And lastly, Trust the process.

Good will come in the end. And if it’s not good, it’s not the end.

Matthew 14:17 -Allie

PS: Please e-mail me if you ever feel unworthy and you need someone to chat with, I’d love to have a conversation with you. ( )


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