Hosea and Gomer

Many times, we overlook the fully overwhelming beauty of God’s sacrifice for us.

I grew up in the New Testament. In a Baptist Church, the majority of what I heard from the Old Testament came from the “big books.” I heard Noah and Moses and Abraham, but it wasn’t until recently that I truly began to study the OT.

When I say study I don’t mean read. I mean pens out, tearful, prayerful reflection on what lead to our great need for Christ. As I read more and more, I noticed that there is so much purpose in every single book of the Bible. Even the little “stories” have so much depth.

One of my recent favorite “little” books of the Bible is Hosea. Growing up, I couldn’t even tell you where Hosea was. I knew nothing about it.

However, after reading and studying it more, I have found that Hosea is one of the most grippingly beautiful pictures of what God did for us through Christ.

First, for those who are like I was and hadn’t heard much about Hosea, a little backstory. The book of Hosea was written by Hosea to Israel. The purpose was simply to illustrate God’s great love for the people. This is a love story, but not the kind we’re used to.

Hosea is a love story of a husband who keeps his lasting covenant unto God despite her iniquity.

So, God calls Hosea to marry a sinful prostitute named Gomer. And he does.

What?! This is a godly man, and he marries a prostitute. This is a perfect parallel to Christ. Just as God asked Hosea to marry Gomer, so He sent his one and only son to deliver the sinful people of the world.

Soon, Gomer leaves. She packs up her stuff and hides from Hosea.

And he looks for her. He follows, searching through detestable places where no godly man goes. And he finds his wife.

No telling how she looked, no telling if she wore clothes. She was there, being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

And Hosea buys her.

THIS IS IS WIFE. She already belongs to him!

And yet, he pays 15 pieces of silver for the wife that is already his own.

This is what the Lord has done for us. We are Gomer.¬†We are seated detestable, naked, sinful, before God, and He looks at us and says “How much?” God sees us and says, “That is my child and I will do anything to have them back, how much?” God sees us at our very worst, in the greatest destitution, and still pays the price for our iniquity.

We already belonged to God. And yet, He sent his blameless son to reconcile for us.

God has already paid for us many times over, will you come into a covenant with him?


An amazing sermon on Hosea by Judah Smith.


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