So, I’m Baptist as all get out. I’m saying no-arms raising, every week baptisms, never wine at communion Baptist. (And don’t get me wrong- I love my denomination.) And I don’t celebrate lent.

However, personally, I still see some value in the idea of distancing yourself from an idol, stronghold, or even just indulgence for a period of time. Thus, because of this, I sometimes like to choose something to give up or limit for this period before Easter.

Now, despite this, I hadn’t planned to observe lent at all. I felt indifferent to the celebration as a whole.

What made me consider was my mom actually.

***Quick side note: my mom is an awesome, butt-kicking, Jesus loving, godly, intelligent, kind woman whose wisdom I trust all the time and agree with very often.***

My mom had read something on facebook, a non-catholic pastor who had spoken on the subject of lent in itself. The pastor spoke on how all Christians (Catholic or not) should be willing and ready to observe a time of God-focus all the time.

This pastor described lent with less of a “new years resolution,” “get-it-done” approach and rather an intentional focus on prayer and our relationship with Christ.

He spoke saying that we are to use this time of limitation as a means of remembering and honoring how Christ sacrificed so much for us.

In these next days, I encourage you all to fix your eyes more specifically on Christ. Pray, fast, stay off social media, do whatever it is that God reveals to you through prayer.

Use this time, whether you are Catholic or Baptist or whatever, to reflect on who Jesus is.

Be intentional in your walk.


P.S.: if you ever ever ever need prayer or encouragement, please send me an email at allieheathcock@gmail.com


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