Treating Others as Children of God

In the world of hate surrounding us: on social media, at work, in school, and unfortunately even in the church, it is often very challenging to love others.

Even so, we are told love is the greatest thing we are to show to others (1 Corinthians 13:13). And that means everyone. Your mom, friends, brothers, significant other, spouse, and especially unbelievers.

But this love for others is something we, as children of Christ, are called to do. And this is very difficult many a time. Because a lot of people don’t act like they want love. And some of them don’t, because they have their own hurt.┬áThis struggle becomes ultimately apparent in relationships and marriage.

Recently, author Gary Thomas spoke in my church on marriage. Most specifically on “Lifelong Love” and his perspective on maintaining said love. And, while I am not married and am still years away, there were many valuable points made on loving the sometimes unlovable in our lives as Christians.

Thomas’s main three points were as follows:

1. Contribute to a magnificent obsession with your spouse.

2. Grow in your greatest need of how to love.

and 3. Embrace marriage as worship.

Though I considered all three of these points to be important and well spoken, it was the last of the three that truly lingered with me.

Embrace marriage as worship.

Practically speaking, Embrace relationships as worship.

This means essentially, don’t only consider the people you come into contact with as human beings with their own flaws. For this mindset will lead to seek out those flaws. Rather, treat the people around you as children of the living God.

Because, they are.

We’re all children of God, every one of us.

It’s about time that we remember to treat others not as they are, but as they are in Christ. And in Christ we are perfect. Sinless. Blameless. Not because of anything on our own accord but rather because Christ showed perfect love to us and died on the cross so that we may be considered free of any trespasses now and in the forever future (Romans 5:8).

It is this beautiful gift from God that allows for us to love others and shows us why others are deserving of our love.

We are to love one another, not because they are good, but because He is. Because their sin is washed away and they are now sons and daughters of Christ.

“There will be days that [people] will be unlovable, but there will never be a day when God does not deserve reverence.” -Gary Thomas

Honor God each and every day through your love and do it not because people deserve it but because He deserves it.

1 John 3:1 – Allie

** Hey y’all, longggg time no post. I just finished a hectic junior year and am very happy to be back and sharing the beautiful mysteries God is revealing to me. Hope I can bring some encouragement to all of you!!

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